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Swim Central is our new whole of sport administration system and will replace ClubLANE, MyLANE and Results Central by the end of June 2019. It will be rolled out to clubs commencing in April.

Data is currently being transferred from ClubLANE to Swim Central, therefore clubs and regions no longer have access to ClubLANE.

Swimming SA will run information/training sessions at key events for club administrators, so keep an eye on our social media accounts for important Swim Central updates and  session dates.


20 March 2020 - CLICK HERE for Swim Central Update from SwimmingSA and Swimming Australia

What is Swim Central

  • Features
  • Swim Central 

    Swim Central is a progressive CRM that will simplify administration for all users. Some of the new functionality clubs and members will enjoy include:

    Shopping trolley function

    Swim Central's shopping trolley functionality allows members to add membership products, meet entries, and anything else your club might offer to a shopping trolley for yourself and any other members of your family so you can checkout/make payment in one convenient transaction.

    Simplified refund process

    Clubs have the option to choose if refunds can be permitted for products in Swim Central. For products that permit refunds, members will be able to initiate a refund request themselves. The refund will then need to be approved by different levels; once each level approves the refund of their portion of the fees, the funds will be returned to the member through the online payment gateway.

    Instant Messaging system

    Need to remind your members that club night is on this week? Need to remind them to being along their fundraising efforts to next squad training? Pool closed this week, so no training? Simply add your members to a group and message them all at once through Swim Central.

    Technical Official nomination and appointment process streamlined

    When setting up meets, clubs can create a nomination system for TO’s, making it easier than ever to organise a crucial aspect of running your events.

    Automated scheduling of meet Timekeepers

    In addition to the TO nomination and appointment process, Swim Central can auto-allocate clubs as Timekeeper representatives for meets.

    Run social events through Swim Central

    Create your non-swimming events in Swim Central. Participants are able to RSVP and purchase products like club merchandise or raffle tickets through Swim Central.

    Contact Us

    For more information please contact  or 7123 0848 and dial through to Membership.

Swim Central Help and Support Guides

Swim Central training and updates

  • Training dates

    Club Administrators please join us for the upcoming Swim Central Club Information & Training Session


    Mad March - CANCELLED

    Saturday, 28 March 2020

    Where: SAALC – Function Room

    Time: 10am – 1pm

    To register your clubs interest – purchase your free ticket on the Swim central events calendar. 


    Topics covered at this session


    Update date: 25th March 2020 version 1.3

    Ongoing support process

    Entity page layout

    Multiclass classification & event entry

    Reporting – gateway dash board, meet attendees & member lists

    Security – profile & payments (URL)

    Event setup – workflow (session max & min)

    Event document library

    Entity document library

    Entity shopping trolley

    Transfers & refunds

    Membership – suspension, approvals & refunds

    JX recognition

    Product Setup – refund status & inactive products

    Ticketing – CSV report



    Swim Central Club Information - Drop in Session

    Division 1 Meet 1

    Saturday, 29 June 2019

    Where: SAALC - Officials Room

    Time: Select a time 

    To register your clubs interest CLICK HERE

    Alternatively please contact or 7123 0848 and dial through to Membership to schedule your region/club training.


    SwimmingSA will have a drop in session to assist coaches with their ASCTA membership renewal 

    Date:Saturday 29th June

    Where: SAALC - Officials Room

    Time: After conclusion of Di1 session 1 (approx. 10.45am)


    Swim Central Information and Training session - All In Meet

    Saturday, 25th May 2019 

    Where: SAALC 

    Time: TBC

    To register your clubs interest  CLICK HERE

    Alternatively please contact or 7123 0848 and dial through to Membership to schedule your region/club training.



    Swim Central Information and Training session

    Saturday 30th March 2019

    Where: SAALC Function Room, Level 2

    Time: 10am – 1pm

  • Swim Central Updates

Swim Central action items for clubs

  • ABN Requirement
  • As part of the new and improved payment process in Swim Central every club will be required to have an ABN.  In Swim Central the payment gateway we are using, Stripe, is an international gateway and to access all the benefits you are required to register an ABN with them.

    If you don’t already have an ABN you can apply for one quickly and easily here:

  • Unique email address for members aged 18 and over
  • Active members aged 18 and over need to have a unique email address in their membership account (i.e. not the same email as another member in the database). 

    Active members include all members who are not Lapsed (i.e. Financial and Unfinancial, Swimmers, Non-Swimmers, Junior Dolphins and Life Members).

    Next steps for clubs

    • Export your ClubLANE Members Listing to Excel
    • Identify members aged 18 and over who do not have a unique email address associated with their account
    • Request a unique email address from these members.
  • Members under 18 need to be linked to a family group
  • Swim Central requires that all members under 18 be part of a linked family group, with an adult aged 18 or over set as the primary member. 

    In order to smoothly transition linked families to Swim Central, dependants need to be linked to the parent account or a parent profile needs to be added in ClubLANE where all linked family members are currently under 18, including the primary member.

    Key takeaway: all members under the age of 18 must be part of a family group. The primary member of this family group must be aged 18 or over.

    Next steps for clubs

    • Identify family groups that are made up of members aged under 18 with no parent registered
    • Ask a parent to create a member account through JOIN NOW! It is not necessary for them to make a membership payment
    • The parent should notify you when the account has been created
    • Re-link the family group so a parent aged 18 or over is the new primary member.

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