Our History

SwimmingSA was first established as the South Australian Amateur Swimming Association in 1898 as an Incorporated Association and is the peak body for competitive swimming in South Australia. Today SwimmingSA continues to provide services and strategic direction for the members of the sport in SA. Our current Vision is "Swimming will be successful and sustainable in South Australia" and Mission is "To provide a strategic pathway leading to increased participation and athletic achievement for South Australians committed to the sport of swimming". The Current Strategic Plan is available here

Swimming in South Australia's history is recognised and remembered in many ways from Club Awards to State and National recognition. Below you will find the many forms of recognition SwimmingSA provides.

Hall of Fame & Honour Board

  • Hall of Fame
  • Launched on January 25th 2008, the SwimmingSA Hall of Fame had 19 inaugural inductees.

    The Hall of Fame recognises South Australian elite swimmers and coaches who have represented Australia at Olympic Games or Commonwealth Games. 

    Highlights of our latest inductees can be seen by clicking on the video below.

    Full List of Hall of Fame Inductees - Click Here

  • Honour Board
  • Located at the SA Aquatic & Leisure Centre the SwimmingSA Honour Board recognises South Australian Athletes who have represented the State at Olympic, Paralympic and Commonwealth Games and World Championships.

    (Insert Honour Board Photo) 

    For Current Members Click Here

Life Membership, Award of Merit & Service Awards

  • Life Members
  • Conferred by Special Resolution at an Annual General Meeting, Life Membership of SwimmingSA is awarded to people who have provided long and meritorious service with SwimmingSA.

    The people below have been appointed Life Members in recognition of their efforts in furthering the interests of SwimmingSA. Nominations for Life Membership will be considered annually by the Board of SwimmingSA.

    Click Here for the Life Membership Policy

    T. Bradley

    F. Gurr

    L. Cooper

    M. Clifton

    W. Bushby

    W. Ashworth

    J. Johnson

    J. Urry

    C. Kellett

    J.W. Malone

    J. Murchland

    C. Ireland

    J. Stayner

    R. Trewin

    J. Gynell

    H. Yaldren

    S. Trewin

    J. Stanyer

    R. Dilliway

    A. McKinnon

    S. Williams

    H. Smyrk

    L. Bennets

    F. Walker

    G. McKee

    H. Moon

    S. Depledge

    P. Bowen Pain

    J. Robertson

    H.L. Tapping

    J.S. Morton

    L. Papple

    H. Bridgland

    F. Broomfield

    R. Tanner

    C.K. O’Donnell

    F. Waite

    C. Waite

    H.E. Irving

    C. Fairweather

    H. Malone

    A. Sampson

    H. Colgan

    J.G. Fairweather

    F. Cavanagh

    J. Aitchison

    W.L. Bridgland

    J. Sparnon

    R. Dalton

    J. Hendry

    J. Barron

    A.G. Bowen Pain AM

    R. Ewers

    H. Strutt

    M. Page

    D. Van Keulen

    H. Tapping

    S. Major

    E. Herraman

    W.A. Hall

    J. Vernan

    T.N. Herraman OAM

    R.A. Stewart

    J. Hall

    J. Williams

    P. GalvinMHR

    T. Prisk

    D.I. Mashford

    A.D. Bryant

    H. Schneider

    S. Pendry

    A. Braendler

    J.M. Braendler


    P. Graham

    N. Amey

    B. Fox

    P. Bowen

    E. Mason

    M. Mason

    J. Molloy

    T. Kenyon

     J. Doherty

     L. Burford

     R. Bueti

  • Merit Award Holders
  • Conferred twice annually (at the AGM for metropolitan clubs and at the Country Championships for Country clubs) this award is designed to recognise outstanding service to SwimmingSA in excess of the requirements for a Service Award but in a narrower field of activity than would be required for the award of Life Membership. Such dedication includes service as:

    • A member of the Board
    • Administrative Official
    • Member of a Committee or Sub-committee
    • Technical Official

    The important factors taken into account are the length of service and the level, quality and quantity of that service) and/or outstanding achievements as a competitor or a coach.

    Click Here for the Merit Award Policy

    Fay Deckert

    Glenn Beringen

    Steve Pendry

    Daryl Ellery

    Joan Brown

    Norah Bryant +

    Arthur Ballantyne+

    Doreen Mashford

    Graham Mashford

    Heather Klieve

    David Bishop

    Norma Amey

    Verity Gramp

    Geoff Williams

    Graham Sampson +

    Mary Van Keulen +

    Anne Braendler

    Harald Schneider +

    Ray Parkinson

    Gerhard Krueger

    Alison Kassebaum

    Jean Seyfang +

    Allan Moore

    Jim Braendler

    Denise Graham

    Antony Bryant

    Jeff Lyon

    Peter Graham

    Phil Rogers

    Edward Mason

    Maxeen Mason

    Trevor Kenyon

    Janine Molloy

    Deborah Hombsch

    Shaune Beaty

    John Doherty

    Lorraine Burford  

    Vince Cobiac

     Scott Beringen

    Peter Bishop

     Craig Jones

     Paul Higgs

     Paul Staight

    Patricia Wheeler
  • Service Awards
  • This award is designed to recognise service with Swimming SA or a Member for a period of not less than seven (7) years. Such service would be as a member of the Board, Administrative Official or member of a Committee or Subcommittee, Qualified Technical Official, Committee Member of a Member or any other service to Swimming SA or a Member, or any combination of the above, over such a period of time and to such a level of involvement as is considered commensurate with the above. The standard or level of service required is the routine performance of the function of the office(s) over the required period, e.g. service as a Technical Official requires reasonably regular attendance at carnivals and Swimming SA meets. 

    Nominations for a Service Award can be made by a Member, signed by the President and Secretary, or by two Registered Members or by any two Directors of Swimming SA. Nominations for the Service Award, on the "Nomination for Service Award/Award of Merit" form, must be submitted to SwimmingSA prior to October 1st Annually and after consideration and any necessary investigation by the General Manager, the nominations will be submitted to and will be considered at the October Board meeting in each year.

    2017 Service Award Recipients


Club of The Year

  • Criteria & Application Process
  • Annually the SwimmingSA Chairman awards a club of the year.  

    This prestigeous award is assessed against a number of guidelines including and not limited to Membership, Club Corporate Governance/Compliance, Technical Officials, SwimmingSA Office Interactions, Athletes, Coaches and Community Involvement & Promotion of the Club.

    For the Club of the Year Policy and Application Information - Click Here

  • Current Recipient
  • Year: 2017-18

    Club Name: STARplex Swim Club

    SwimmingSA is pleased to announce STARplex Swim Club as the Club of the Year for 2017/18.  This is the first time STARplex has won Club of the Year.

    STARplex Swim Club is committed to the ongoing aim of taking swimmers to the highest level, as well as providing an environment which encourages swimmers of all levels to continue their participation in the sport.

    During the 2017/18 season the STARplex Swim Club undertook numerous initiatives and activities to ensure that swimming is a sport enjoyed by a broad spectrum of the community.  This included building a stronger rapport and partnership with the swim school to promote the sport.  The club also collaborated with a number of fellow clubs in the spirit of competition, participation and athlete development.

    The club also supports members to become registered Technical Officials by providing mentoring through the officiating pathway.

    "I am proud of all the hard work, dedication and achievements of all our swimmers, coaches, committee and parents”, said incoming Club President, Nicki Ryan.  “I am also very proud of our co-operation with other clubs and look forward too many more shared ventures in the future."

    For the Full Announcement - Click Here

  • Previous Recipients
  • Year         Club Name          Year     Club Name         
    1967 Unley   1998 Norwood
    1968 Ethelton   1999 Mountain Pool
    1969 Tatiara   2000 Henley & Grange
    1970 Burnside   2001 Clovercrest
    1971 Payneham Chrysler   2002 Onkaparinga
    1972 Unley   2003 Unley
    1973 Payneham Chrysler   2004 Onkaparinga
    1974 Unley   2005 Marion
    1975 Payneham Chrysler   2006 Onkaparinga
    1976 Norwood   2007 Norwood
    1977 Burnside Southside   2008 Norwood
    1978 Dolphins   2009 Not awarded
    1979 Payneham Chrysler   2010 Norwood
    1980 Payneham Chrysler   2011 SPG Sharks
    1981 Barossa Valley   2012 South Coast
    1982 Marion   2013 Playford Aquatic
    1983 Blue Lake YMCA   2014 West Coast
    1984 Henley & Grange   2015 Playford Aquatic
    1985 Marion   2016 Norwood
    1986 Blue Lake YMCA   2017 Marion
    1987 Idaps Clovercrest   2018 Starplex
    1988 Blue Lake YMCA   2019  
    1989 Salisbury Para Hills   2020  
    1990 Unley   2021  
    1991 Paxus Clovercrest   2022  
    1992 Henley & Grange   2023  
    1993 Mountain Pool   2024  
    1994 Henley & Grange   2025  
    1995 Norwood      
    1996 Tea Tree Gully      
    1997 Gawler      

Perpetual Trophies

  • History
  • Annually SwimmingSA recognises many performances in the pool by our clubs and individual athletes. 

    Below you will find a list of recipients for each award.

    Click Here for the SwimmingSA Perpetual Trophy History.

  • Australian Championships

    Best individual performance at the Australian Championships (LC)

    by a South Australian Member

    Awarded to:

    Year Swimmer   Year Swimmer    Year Swimmer
    19XX abc            


  • State Championships (Long Course)

    Year Winners    Year Winners    Year Winners
    19xx Click Here            


    • State Championships (Short Course)

      Year Winners    Year Winners    Year Winners
      19xx Click Here            


        • Country Championships

          Year Winners    Year Winners    Year Winners
          19xx Click Here            


          • Seasonal Pennants - SwimmingSA Competitions

            Year Winners    Year Winners    Year Winners
            19xx Click Here            
          • Open Carnivals

            Year Winners    Year Winners    Year Winners
            19xx Click Here            

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