Inclusion and Multi Class


Multi Class Competition

Multi Class (MC) events see swimmers with a range of disabilities, competing in the same race. In order to compete in MC competition swimmers must have an eligible classification.

Swimmers race against the world record time in that event for their classification. Event results are determined using the Multi Class Point Score system. The winner of the race is not always who touches the wall first, but the swimmer who posts the highest point score (i.e. a time closest to the world record for their classification).

Swimmers may be granted certain exceptions to the normal swimming rules in order to compete fairly. This allows for meaningful and fair competition for all swimmers.

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A new Inclusive Swimming Framework for All. At Swimming Australia our goal is to build participation and connection by creating an inclusive swimming community, where all Australians feel welcome, have equal opportunities and are treated with respect.

Our Goals

1. All Australians feel welcome, safe, valued and celebrated in swimming.

2. All Australian can participate in the role and at the level of their choice in swimming.

3. Australia's diversity is reflected in swimming. 

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