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Our state records and rankings recognise South Australia's best and emerging swimmers.


  • Records
  • Applying for a Record
  • When records are broken at either a SwimmingSA or Swimming Australia (SAL) meet, e.g. SwimmingSA Championships and Australian Age Championships, these records are updated  automatically of the swim.

    For all other meets you must apply for the record as results are not automatically checked. 

    A swimmer who breaks a record at a school swim meet or club event or interstate event or international event is responsible for submitting their own record application. It is not the responsibility of SwimmingSA to screen for records at these meets.

    For recognition of South Australian Records the following criteria requirements are to be fulfilled before SwimmingSA can approve applications for records.

    1. The swimmer must be registered with a federation that is a member of FINA.

    2. The meet must satisfy the following criteria:

    Conducted in a 25m or 50m pool 
    Conducted under the Rules of SwimmingSA 
    The official times determined by automatic timing or semi-automatic timing 
    Have the adequate number of officials present as approved by SwimmingSA.

    3. The club conducting the meet is required to provide SwimmingSA with the following documentation:

    Official meet program 
    Full Meet Manager (MM) results (MM results must be emailed to SwimmingSA at

    4. Applications for records are required to be received by SwimmingSA within 21 days of the date of the meet in which the record was broken.


  • Rankings
  • South Australian Short Course Rankings (current as at 22 November 2016) - Click here to view

    South Australian Long Course Rankings (current as at 15 July 2017) - Click here to view

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