2023 SA State Open Water Championships

Date & Time
Sun, 19/03/2023 to Sun, 19/03/2023
First Race 10:00am
West Lakes Rowing Centre
West Lakes Shore
Spectators Free

Event Details

Registrations Open:  8:30am   

Start First Race:  10:00am


Entries Close: Monday 20 February 2023 at 9:00am


CLICK HERE for Handbook/Events Listing


CLICK HERE for Event Information Booklet (Start Times, Waves, Cap Nos)


CLICK HERE for Officials Roster & club allocations


CLICK HERE for  a PDF of Instructions for wearing the timing Bands. A new instruction has been added for swimmers who want to tape over the band.

Swimmers who also want to tape over the timing band must not tape directly onto the housing’s number label, as this is likely to come off when the tape is removed. Either cover the label with the non-sticky back of some tape first or slide the blue plastic housing to a location where the strap will cover the label before it’s taped.


CLICK HERE for LIVE Online Results

This page will be updated within a minute of swimmers recording a time, and after finishing, entrants will be able to see their total and split times and placings, then click icons:

    1. To see personalised results text so they can post their result to their Facebook wall
    2. To email complete results to their email contacts
    3. To send a Tweet
Entries via Swim Central
$45.00 per event


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