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SwimmingSA, as members of Swimming Australia, is governed by the Swimming Australia Policies, Procedures and Rules.

Please find below information that applies to all SwimmingSA members.






For the full listing of Swimming Australia Policies, Procedures and Rules please CLICK HERE

Each SwimmingSA Club has a trained MPIO Officer as part of their club committee.  If you have a Member Welfare Concern in the first instance please make contact with your Swimming Club MPIO officer.  If you are unsure who that person is or do not wish to make contact with your Swimming Club, please make contact with SwimmingSA who can provide you with advice.


Below is the Child Welfare Policy Process Flowchart as listed in the Swimming Australia Child Welfare Policy.

 Child Welfare Policy Process Flow Chart




Listed below is information on the role of Member Protection Information Officers.

Member Protection information courtesy of Play by the Rules - http://www.playbytherules.net.au/mpio


Who are Member Protection Information Officers?

Sport plays an important part in the lives of millions of Australians. There are multiple benefits to participation and many positive reasons why Australians flock to sport every day of the week. For the vast majority of us, sport is overwhelmingly positive and runs without problems or concerns.


Occasionally though, things can go wrong. When they do people need an avenue to raise their concern and make a complaint. This is when the Member Protection Information Officers (MPIOs) play an important role in sport. They are the person responsible for providing information and options to an individual making a complaint or raising a concern, as well as support during the process.


Importantly, they are not a person who investigates matters, advises, or advocates for the complainant.


Is there training and support for MPIOs?

Yes, there is. If you are interested in being an MPIO for your club or association then you need to complete a free online training course and a face-to-face workshop organised in your state or territory. Registration for these is very simple. You need to undertake the online training first. Simply CLICK HERE and look for the Play by the Rules training button.

Once you have completed the online training book yourself into a workshop in your state or territory. The workshop is half a day and they run throughout the year. To find out when and where your workshops are CLICK HERE.


What happens after the training?

When you complete the online training you'll be able to download your completion certificate. This will have a certificate number on it. Similarly, after you complete the workshop you'll be given a code. You will need your certificate number and your workshop code to register on the national database and receive your Recognition Certificate as an MPIO. You can find the registration page here - REGISTRATION


As a recognised MPIO you will get access to an MPIO specific area of the Play by the Rules website. Here, you'll find a host of resources that will help you in your role. You'll receive updates and the Play by the Rules monthly e-bulletin. You will be part of the national network of MPIOs that are playing an important part in ensuring that issues and complaints are dealt with in an appropriate manner.





What's the difference?

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