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Presentations from SwimmingSA Club Development Workshops

2017 South Australian Long Course Swimming Championships

Wednesday 18 January

Presenter:  Craig Tobin (Australian Swimming Coaches & Teachers Association - ascta)

Click here for copy of Optus Junior Dolphins Trainer Induction Workshop



SwimmingSA AGM Club Forum

Saturday 19 November 

Presenters:   Wayne Turner (Community Business Bureau)

                       Sean Riley (Bendigo Bank, Branch Manager - Marion)


Click here for Governance & Strategy Presentation by Wayne Turner (Community Business Bureau)

Click here for "Be part of something bigger" Presentation by Sean Riley (Bendigo Bank)


Junior Dolphins Information Session for Clubs

Sunday 24 July

Presenter:  Melissa Backhouse (Swimming Australia)

Click here for copy of the Presentation

Click here to listen to a recording of the Information Session

Additional Resources

Junior Dolphins - Intro Letter & Key Dates

Junior Dolphins - Information for Swimming Clubs

More information about Junior Dolphins can be found on the Swimming Australia website http://www.swimming.org.au/junior-dolphins


Club Information Session:  Safe Sport Framework

Saturday 23 July

Presenter:  Laura Johnston (Swimming Australia)

Click here for copy of the Presentation

Click here to listen to a recording of the Information Session

 For more information about the new Safe Sport Framework visit the Swimming Australia website







Club Development Workshop:  Long Term Planning to achieve an Ideal Club Culture

Saturday 23 July

Presenter:  Hans van bavel (Delta Training & Office for Recreation & Sport STARCLUB Mentor)

Click here for copy of the Presentation 

Click here to listen to a recording of the Workshop 

Please note when listening to audio please also have a copy of the Presentation opened.   Due to technical issues Audio and PowerPoint Slides didn't synchronize.   The listing provided below is a summary of the audio and when to refer to a particular slide/page in the Presentation

Page 1: Welcome - Start of Recording

Page 2: Club Culture - What is it? - 5 min

Page 3: Activity - 8 min

Page 4: Why Make Changes? - 19 mins 48 secs

Page 5: A Practical Approach to Achievement - 22 mins 50 secs

Page 6: Potential Barriers - 26 mins 50 secs

Page 7: Working Through Change - 33 mins

Page 8: Planning Ahead - 37 mins 40 secs

Page 9: Strategic Planning for Developing or Sustaining Your Ideal Culture - 39 mins

Page 10: Planning For Your Ideal Culture - 41 mins 10 secs

Page 11: Planning For Your Ideal Culture - 46 mins 33 secs

Page 12: Planning Makes It Happen - 50 mins 50 secs

Page 13: Lets Get Off The Mark - 52 mins 32 secs

Page 14: Taking Action - 52 mins 50 secs

Page 15: Taking Action Longer Term - 55 mins 45 secs

Page 16: Planning Your Ideal Culture - 1 hour 1 min 16 secs

Please Note:  from the 1 hour 9 min mark there is some information about an exciting new initiative SwimmingSA is investigating to help assist Clubs through Sports Community called Club Spot.    Stay tuned for more information.


Additional Resources and Information

Delta Training - Strategic & Long Term Planning Framework Handout.pdf

Delta Training - Examples of Planning Pillars.pdf


Club Development Workshop:  Corporate Governance

Saturday 23 January

Presenter:   Bruce Havilah (Principal - Havilah Legal & Director of Swimming Australia Ltd)

Click here for copy of the Presentation




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