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2018 South Australian Open Water Championships

Date: Sunday 3 December 2017

Location: Rowing SA Lawn - 100 Military Road, West Lakes Shore SA 5020

All Enquiries to: SwimmingSA Events ([email protected])


Online Meet Entries will be used for this Championship.
No TM Entry Files will be accepted.
Manual Entry Forms will be accepted for swimmers who do not have a pool entry time who have previously completed an OWS Swim - Click Here for the form.

Please be advised that all entry times on the ClubLANE Online Meet Entry are in eastern standard time.
All entries close at 9.00am Adelaide time.

Do not leave it to the last minute to enter! Late entries will not be accepted.

2018 South Australian OW State Championships
Entries close: 9.00am Wednesday 15 November 2017

Click here to enter

Event Nomination Fees: $30.00/swim


- Psych Sheet

- Pre-Race Information


Pre Race Procedures

It is the responsibilty of the competitors to arrive promptly at the registration times set out below to allow sufficient time for registrations and numbering. Starts will not be delayed for swimmers who are late.

Swimmers should not appy sunscreen to their arms or back prior to competitor numbers being applied as the ink can only be applied to clean and dry skin.


  1. Registrations Table: Located on the lawn in front of the start line and swimmers must present for registration wearing the swimsuits in which they will be competing so that they can be checked for swim suit compliance contained in this document. Competitors will then be issued with their competitor-numbered caps and will also be checked to ensure that no jewellry (including ear and facial piercings) is worn and that fingernails and toenails are cut short.  Free programs will be available from here.
  2. Tattoo Table: Located next to the Registration Table, competitors must immediately report to this table after being issued with their cap to have their competitor numbers tattooed on each shoulder blade, on each upper arm. Competitors must not apply sunscreen lotion to their arms, hands or back prior to competitor numbering being applied as the tattoo can only be applied to clean, dry skin. Care should be taken when applying sunscreen after stamping to ensure that the competitor numbers remain legible.


Event Times ** REVISED

1.25km & 2.5km Registration and Tattoos: 7.30am - 8.30am
Officials Briefing: 8.15am
1.25km & 2.5km Event Briefing: 8.30am
EVENT START - Male 2.5km: 9.00am
EVENT START - Female 2.5km:
EVENT START - Male 1.25km: 9.10am
EVENT START - Female 1.25km: 9.15am
5km, 7.5km & 10km Registration and Tattoos: 8.30am - 9.30am
5km, 7.5km & 10km Event Briefing: 9.30am
EVENT START - Male 5km & 7.5km: 10.00am
EVENT START - Female 5km & 7.5km:
EVENT START - Male 10 km: 10.10am
EVENT START - Female 10km: 10.15am

Race Information 


Competitors should allow at-least 10 minutes to be checked in by the Referee or Clerk of the Course at the checkpoint immediately prior to entering the water for the start (checkpoint is located near start line).


Feeding Station

Support personnel will be able to feed their swimmers from the pontoon outside the Rowing SA building (northern end of course). All feeding must be from this pontoon. Handlers are not permitted to interfere with any swimmers whilst feeding and are not permitted to wade out to feed swimmers.

Race Rules

Time Limits - FINA OWS Rule 6.17 & 6.17.1

OWS 6.17
In all events, time limits shall apply as follows from the finish time of the first swimmers:
15 minutes per 5km (or part thereof) up to a maximum time limit of 120 min.

OWS 6.17.1
Competitors who do not finish the course within the time limits “shall be removed from the water except that the Referee may allow a competitor outside the time limit to complete the course but not be eligible for any points or prizes.” 

Race Safety


Course Information

Click here to download the Course Map

All competitors are to swimm in an anti-clockwise direction.

10km Course

Four laps of the circuit from start line. Finish through finish pontoon touching the finish pad.

(Touch finish pad at the end of the second lap if competing in 5km as well and continue for a further two laps. Ignore the finish line on laps one and three)

7.5km Course

Three laps from the start line and finishing through finish pontoon, touching the pad.

5km Course

Two laps from the start line and finishing through finish pontoon, touching the pad.

2.5km Course

One lap of the circuit finishing through finish pontoon, touching the finish pad.

1.5km Course

Additional intermediate markers set 50m apart and 700m from the northern markers (yellow in colour).



Results and Presentations

Provisional results will be posted as soon as possible after the conclusion of each event. These results are not final until signed off by the Chief Referee. Full results will be available on the SwimmingSA website.

Presentations will take place once results are ready and will be held near the event control / registration tents.

Medal Presentations for all age groups will be conducted as soon as possible after the conclusion of each event.

Medals are awarded in the following age categories:

Open 1.25km is a come and try event. 


Venue Information

The 2018 South Australian Open Water State Championships will be held at Rowing SA Lawn, West Lakes 

Toilets are located in the parklands and at the Rowing SA Complex.

Refreshments are available from the Boatshed Cafe at the Rowing SA Complex




Allocation and Roster: click here


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