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Second Claim members are members who already have first claim membership with another club and who wish to join another club for purposes such as training and/or participating in club nights. They may have the opportunity to compete and participate in Club based activities, including Club Championships, but this is dependent upon the Second Claim Club's Constitution and By Laws. Generally, Second Claim members cannot vote at General Meetings of their Second Claim Club. Clubs have the right to charge a full or partial club fee to Second claim members.




Life Members are members who have been nominated by their club committee to receive lifetime membership at no cost. The Life Membership is transferrable to any club, however if a life member becomes a First Claim member of a different club where they have not received Life Membership, they incur the club portion of the Swimmer or Non Swimmer membership cost.  If a Life Member joins a club as a Second Claim member they incur the club portion of that club’s membership fee. 

If you wish to add or renew Second Claim or Life Members, please send an email to admin@sa.swimming.org.au requesting this.

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