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Police checks are one part of the risk management and screening processes organisations can adopt to ensure a safe environment. The Government is meeting the cost of police checks for volunteers who work with vulnerable groups such as children, the aged and frail, or people with a disability.

SwimmingSA Club Committee Members are required to have a current National Police Certificate which is no more than 3 years old.

Club Committee Members are able to secure a National Police Certificate at no cost via SwimmingSA. The process to do this is:


To download the Application for National Police Certificate please visit the SAPOL website - CLICK HERE 


NSW based residents (Broken Hill Clubs)

SwimmingSA does not have the ability to endorse your application for a police check as you do not reside in SA.

If you apply for a National Police Certificate through the NSW Police Department you will incur a cost.

However if you apply for a Working with Children Check as a Volunteer you can do so at no cost. The link for more information is http://www.kidsguardian.nsw.gov.au/working-with-children/working-with-children-check




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