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Event Volunteer Positions


Volunteers are an essential part of running successful swimming events, therefore we are very appreciative that you keen to join us

The next major event SwimmingSA requires volunteers at is 2017 South Australian Short Course Championships.

The 2017 South Australian Short Course Championships is one of three flagship events on the SwimmingSA calendar. This event will be held at South Australia’s premier aquatic venue, the SA Aquatic and Leisure Centre over five days, with the final day encompassing the Club Relay Championships. The championship is also a selection event for the South Australian State Team to compete in Canberra at the State Teams Short Course Championships in September this year. It is expected that 600+ athletes will compete at this event from both regional and metropolitan South Australia as well as interstate visitors


Benefits of volunteering include:


YOU help make the Swimming happen!


Volunteer positions are available in these areas:


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Position Descriptions


Ticketing and Spectator Services

These roles require significant people skills as volunteers will be in direct contact with the public for most their shift.

Key responsibilities:

-         Dealing with event personnel, athletes, team support and spectators

-         Assisting and directing spectators to seats

-         Answering questions in relation to the event

-         Scanning tickets and accreditations

-         Maintaining a smooth flow of foot traffic in your designated area

Recruited position/s:

-         Spectator Services – Ticketing                           1 volunteer per session

Reports to:        Volunteer Coordinator


Access Control

By closely monitoring the entry of personnel through accreditation checkpoints, this role ensures that the safety and security of all participants is upheld. Access Control volunteers will check all accreditations at their checkpoint and allow/reject entry as necessary.

Key responsibilities:

-         Monitoring an accreditation access point

-         Managing accredited access to each zone (media, field of play, back of house)

-         Checking participant accreditation passes

Recruited position/s:

-         Access Control Supervisor                                 4 volunteers per session

This position required direct contact with athletes.

Reports to:        Volunteer Coordinator


Field of Play and Results

The Accreditation Attendant collects athlete accreditations from marshaling and brings them to accreditation table in the post-race area for athletes to collect after their race. Field of play attendants assist where necessary inside the competition area. These positions require direct contact with athletes.

Key responsibilities:

-         Ensuring event staff and officials are hydrated

-         Posting results in a timely manner to specified locations

Recruited positions:

-         Drinks and Results Steward                               1 volunteer per session

-         Accreditation Attendant                                     2 volunteers per session

In the event ASADA representatives choose this event for testing, you will be required to work with ASADA as required.

Reports to:        Technical Manager



This position requires the ability to work to strict deadlines and handle stressful situations. Chaperones will work closely with the Presentations Officer. Knowledge of swimming and results is an advantage for this position. It is preferable that the same volunteers perform this role each evening.

Key responsibilities (Medal Presentations Assistant)

-         Preparing the medals for each presentation

-         Assisting the Swimming Presentations Officer in briefing presenters and medal winners

-         Assisting the Swimming Presentations Officer in the production of medal ceremonies

-         Participating in the medal presentations as tray bearer if necessary

Key responsibilities (Medal Winner Chaperone)

-         Informing medal winners of their presentation time when they exit the water

-         Ensuring that all athletes are directed along the correct pathway to the medal presentation area

-         Ensuring athletes arrive in the presentation area with sufficient time

Recruited positions:

-         Medal Presentations Assistant                           1 volunteer per finals session

-         Medal Winner Chaperone                                  2 volunteers per finals session

Reports to:        Presentations Coordinator


Basket Handlers

Key responsibilities:

-         Moving athlete clothing and equipment baskets from field of play to exit area

Recruited positions:

-         Basket Handlers                                               10 volunteers per finals session + 1 supervising adult

-         Supervising Adult                                              1 volunteer per finals session

These positions are best suited to primary school aged children who can be quick on their feet and responsible at all times.

Reports to:        Volunteer Coordinator


Media and Communications

These positions assist SwimmingSA in delivering all activities associated with our social media channels (Facebook, Instagram) and website and other activities in accordance with the event media plan.

Key responsibilities:

-         general knowledge, respect and understanding of a sporting environment

-         good level of effective oral, written and electronic communications

-         able to communicate effectively

-         able to work independently, use initiative and meet deadlines

-         able to work under direction and with limited supervision

-         understand computer literacy skills associated with the use of Microsoft applications

-         have a willingness to learn

-         able to work in a small team environment

-         ability to work under pressure and be flexible when required

-         have a positive and enthusiastic attitude

-         have a friendly and approachable manner

-         reliable and trustworthy

Recruited positions:

-         Social Media and Communications Assistant      1-2 volunteers (for entire event)

-         Videographer                                                    1-2 volunteers (for entire event)

Reports to:        Events Coordinator


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