Barossa make waves to be 2020/21 SwimmingSA Club of the Year

31 August 2021

SwimmingSA is pleased to announce Barossa Swimming Club as the winner of the Club of the Year for the 2020/21 season.  This is a great achievement for the club and is the second time the club has received this award.

Since the club’s inception in 2017, the Barossa Swimming Club has strived to achieve its stated aim of establishing swimming as a sport of choice in the Barossa region.  In the clubs four years of existence, they have resurrected the sport in a key and growth area of the state.


“We come from a small country region and although just 4 years ago we had no swimmers we now have 100, said Keian Curthoys-Davies (14), Senior Boys’ Captain.  “Now having won this award twice, it is another big step forward for our club and it shows the rest of the swimming world that we have become a force in the sport”.


Barossa has been “making waves” as a club as well as building its profile within the Barossa region and wider swimming community.  In just four years the club has:

  • An established community of 100 members
  • Recognised outstanding athlete performances at SwimmingSA & National Competitions
  • Proactively built its brand and the promotion of swimming through various media streams
  • Successfully held its inaugural Swimming Carnival
  • Advocated to the local council of the need to retain an outdoor swimming facility in the region for the club and wider community

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202021 Sth Aus COTY Barossa

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