Another Successful Championships

21 July 2019
Written by: michelle doyle

2019 State Team Selected

Congratulations to each and every swimmer who competed and achieved a personal best during the last 5 days of competition. A special thanks to all the mums, dads, officials, coaches and team managers who assist behind the scenes - such a wonderful meet is not possible without your efforts.

SwimmingSA is pleased to announce the 2019 State Team to contest the State Teams Championships in Canberra in October. The 29 strong team will be joined by 6 officials and team coaches for the trip. Best of luck to each of you.

Alana Williams                NWD                 

Cassie Brooks                  WEAQ               

Clancy Luscombe            MARI   

Declan Gillard-Martin     PAC      

Emilia Shea                      WEAQ                             

Emily Muir                       NWD                               

Emily Scown                    NWD                               

Emma Wootton              TTG                                 

Euan Stenhouse              TTG

Fergus McLachlan           NWD    

Harliai Curthoys -Davies BARO                              

Indyanna Rashleigh        NWD                               

Isaac Keighran                 NWD

Isabella Vincent              NWD

Jacob Gohl                       MARI

Jasmine Fullgrabe           CC

Jessica Jackson                KENT    

Kalyce Pressler                SCSC                               

Kenya Thomas                 SOPE                  

Lucy Nunn                       MARI                 

Mark Ducaj                      MARI

Matthew Pearce             NWD    

Mia Slade                         NWD                               

Molly Walker                   SOPE                  

Patrick Macie                  PAC

Shanelle Hancl                NWD                               

Sophie Healy                   NWD                               

Tara Young                      TTG                                  

Thomas Lightfoot           MARI   

SwimmingSA is pleased to release the comprehensive history of the Perpetual Trophies - to read more visit the history page on our website.

Congratulations to the following trophy winners:
- Norwood (Bayside Aquatic Shield)
- Marion (Frank Beaurepaire Shield)
- Brittany Castelluzo, TTG (Maidstone Trophy) 200 Fly
- Isabella Vincent, NWD (Matthew Cowdrey Trophy) 400 Free
- Shanelle Hancl, NWD (Peter Bowen Pain Trophy) 187pts
- Clancy Luscombe, MARI (Peter Bowen Pain Trophy) 259.5pts
- James McKechnie, STP (Presidents Trophy) 50 Breast

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