2024 Integrity Education Webinar Series

29 January 2024
Written by: Nicholas Mallia

SwimmingSA and Swimming Australia invite all members to attend the Sport Integrity Australia 2024 Webinar Series focusing on Child Safety and Child Protection. 

Sport Integrity Australia is excited to launch the 2024 Integrity Education Webinar Series.

This webinar series will focus on key integrity areas to support members of sport across all levels including participants, administrators, coaches, volunteers and parents.

The first three webinars will focus on Child Safe Practices in Action, and a fourth will address Grooming in the sporting environment:

- Tuesday 13 February: Photography, Videos and Electronic Communication with Children and Young People

- Wednesday 6 March: Recognising Boundaries and Managing Behaviours of Children and Young People

- Thursday 21 March: Transporting and Travelling with Children and Young People

- Thursday 11 April: Understanding Grooming in Sport

We welcome participation from all levels of the sporting community and encourage you to promote these webinars widely across your networks.

Invitations with registrations links for each webinar will be sent to you three weeks before each event with links to social media to help make sharing this information easy within your sport.

More information including early registration is available here - https://www.sportintegrity.gov.au/.../integrity-education...

We look forward to working with you in protecting sport together.

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