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Merit Awards

Conferred twice annually (at the AGM for metropolitan clubs and at the Country Championships for Country clubs) this award is designed to recognise outstanding service to SwimmingSA in excess of the requirements for a Service Award but in a narrower field of activity than would be required for the award of Life Membership. Such dedication includes service as:

The important factors taken into account are the length of service and the level, quality and quantity of that service) and/or outstanding achievements as a competitor or a coach.


Fay Deckert

Glenn Beringen

Steve Pendry

Daryl Ellery

Joan Brown

Norah Bryant +

Arthur Ballantyne+

Doreen Mashford

Graham Mashford

Heather Klieve

David Bishop

Norma Amey

Verity Gramp

Geoff Williams

Graham Sampson +

Mary Van Keulen +

Anne Braendler

Harald Schneider +

Ray Parkinson

Gerhard Krueger

Alison Kassebaum

Jean Seyfang +

Allan Moore

Jim Braendler

Denise Graham

Antony Bryant

Jeff Lyon

Peter Graham

Phil Rogers

Edward Mason

Maxeen Mason

Trevor Kenyon

Janine Molloy

Deborah Hombsch

Shaune Beaty

John Doherty

Lorraine Burford  

Vince Cobiac

 Scott Beringen

 Craig Jones

 Paul Higgs

 Paul Staight



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