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Life Members

Conferred by Special Resolution at an Annual General Meeting, Life Membership of SwimmingSA is awarded to people who have provided long and meritorious service with SwimmingSA. The people below have been appointed Life Members in recognition of their efforts in furthering the interests of SwimmingSA. Nominations for Life Membership will be considered annually (in April) by the Board of SwimmingSA.


T. Bradley

F. Gurr

L. Cooper

M. Clifton

W. Bushby

W. Ashworth

J. Johnson

J. Urry

C. Kellett

J.W. Malone

J. Murchland

C. Ireland

J. Stayner

R. Trewin

J. Gynell

H. Yaldren

S. Trewin

J. Stanyer

R. Dilliway

A. McKinnon

S. Williams

H. Smyrk

L. Bennets

F. Walker

G. McKee

H. Moon

S. Depledge

P. Bowen Pain

J. Robertson

H.L. Tapping

J.S. Morton

L. Papple

H. Bridgland

F. Broomfield

R. Tanner

C.K. O’Donnell

F. Waite

C. Waite

H.E. Irving

C. Fairweather

H. Malone

A. Sampson

H. Colgan

J.G. Fairweather

F. Cavanagh

J. Aitchison

W.L. Bridgland

J. Sparnon

R. Dalton

J. Hendry

J. Barron

A.G. Bowen Pain AM

R. Ewers

H. Strutt

M. Page

D. Van Keulen

H. Tapping

S. Major

E. Herraman

W.A. Hall

J. Vernan

T.N. Herraman OAM

R.A. Stewart

J. Hall

J. Williams

P. GalvinMHR

T. Prisk

D.I. Mashford

A.D. Bryant

H. Schneider

S. Pendry

A. Braendler

J.M. Braendler


P. Graham

N. Amey

B. Fox

P. Bowen

E. Mason

M. Mason

J. Molloy

T. Kenyon


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