SA Competition Structure

Our Competitions Structure is managed by the Competitions Committee and SwimmingSA Events and is reviewed annually in line with participation and performance trends. 

SwimmingSA recently launched its new strategic plan which focuses on increased participation and athletic achievement through promotion of an inclusive, quality and sustainable swimming environment. A key to achieving this strategy for the sport is the annual review of the competitions framework and calendar whereby the Board and Competitions Committee incorporate any changes ensuring that all events and products are in line with the organisation’s strategic plan and vision to continue to be successful and sustainable.

A key feature of the competition structure is SwimmingSA’s reinvigorated relationship with Masters Swimming SA promoting lifetime participation across both organisations and allowing athletes to swim at the level of competition appropriate for their skill development from club to national and international competitions.

Our Structure

  • Introductory
    • Come and Try programs
  • Participation
    • Club Nights
    • Club Carnivals
    • District Interclubs
  • Development
    • Development Meets
    • 'All-In' Meets
    • Mad March Titles
    • Country Regional Championships
  • Performance
    • Division 1
    • Country Championships
    • State Championships
  • Masters
    • SwimmingSA members are eligible to enter the Australia Day Jetty to Jetty

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