Enjoy swimming? Spent your life in and around the pool? Love the thrill and excitement of competitiveness? Ever thought about becoming a coach?

Teaching and Coaching swimming can be very rewarding and no matter if you have experience, are a former swimmer or have no previous experience, you can become a teacher or coach today.

Teachers gain their accreditation via Austswim or Swim Coaches and Teachers Australia and can choose to specialise in different areas of teaching ie. disabiliy, adults, babies.

Coaches gain their accreditation through a multi-level competency based training system that recognises acquired knowledge, practical experience and coaching performance (in the case of ‘advanced’ qualifications).

Coaches commence their training with Swim Coaches & Teachers Australia pre-requsite course called Foundation Coach

The Foundation Coach is the pre-requsite for entry to complete the Swimming Australia Minimum Coaching Standard Course, the Development Coaching Accrediation

For further information about Coaching, please contact SwimmingSA on 08 7123 0848 or

  • Accreditation Framework
  • Coaching accreditation click here - This will show you what the different levels of coaching are, along with more information about the National Coaching Framework.

    To view the National Coaching Framework click here.

    Swimming Australia Coach Accreditation is an important recognition of a coach’s skills and knowledge as well as representing their professional currency in Australia as a Swimming Coach.

    Swimming Australia Coach Accreditation represents:

    • That the coach has attended a world leading coach training program in which they learned from experienced coaching mentors and experts to develop their coaching skills and knowledge.
    • The coach has committed to upholding a range of world leading quality coaching standards endorsed by Swimming Australia and Sport Australia including:
      • A modern approach to coaching incorporating an athlete centred coaching philosophy
      • Swimming Australia National Integrity Framework including Sport Integrity Australia standards in ethics and integrity, antidoping and member protection
      • Working With Children Check/Vulnerable People compliance
      • First Aid & CPR certification;

    By committing to these standards, you can be confident Swimming Australia Accredited Coaches have the skills, knowledge and competency to provide the highest quality coaching environment and swimming experience to all participants.

  • Education Programs
  • Teaching Courses - Click Here

    Foundation Coach Course - Click Here

    Development Coach Program - Click Here

    Advanced Coach Program - Click Here

    Performance Coach Program - Click Here

  • Workshop Calendars & E-Learning Platforms
  • Swimming Australia Workshop Calendar


    Swim Coaches and Teachers Association


    Development Coach Program


    Advanced & Performance Coach Programs

  • Integrity Requirements
  • All accredited coaches must now maintain current evidence of the integrity requirements within Swim Central, according to their level of Swimming Australia Coach Accreditation.

    All coaches who hold a membership with SwimmingSA must maintain the following integrity requirements in addition to those required by Swimming Australia:

    • Passport Sized Photo
    • SA Department of Human Services Working With Children Check

    Swimming Australia is committed to making our sport safe for all members of our swimming community, with the safety of children and young people in our sport being critical.

    In order to ensure our accredited coaches are protected and understand the important role they play in creating a safe sport environment, it is essential that they understand the legal and ethical responsibilities they have in safeguarding their athletes, particularly children and young people.

    With this in mind, together with the recently updated Swimming Australia National Integrity Framework, it has become essential for all Swimming Australia accredited coaches to ensure that their integrity and safe sport knowledge are up to date in order to maintain their coach accreditation.

    Our goal is for all Swimming Australia Accredited Coaches to maintain the following integrity requirements for holding Swimming Australia Coach Accreditation as described in the table below.

    Please refer below to the Swimming Australia Webstie for Coach Integrity Requirements - Click Here


    To view when the next coaching course is available click here to view the calendar on the Swim Teachers and Coaches Association.

    All Swimming Australia mandates can be viewed by clicking here.

  • Membership
  • Coaches in South Australia must be a coaching member of the club for which they are actively coaching. Coach membership is free and obtained via Swim Central annually on the 1st October.

    Coaches can register with their club as one of the following:

    • Assistant Coach - For those who hold a minimum standard of Foundation Coach
    • Coach - For those who hold a minimum standard of Development Accrediation

    Coaches are also encouraged to join ASCTA-SA and SCTA - the state and national coach associations to obtain professional development - Click Here

  • Insurance
  • All Swimming Australia Accredited Coaches are covered under the national insurance program for activites they undertake within their club enviornment, so long as their coaching accreditation remains valid. Coaches must maintain a minimum of Development Accrediation to be eligible for this insurance.

    The National Insurance Program arranged by Marsh includes cover for Swimming Australia Accredited Coaches whilst coaching swimming activities within their scope of practice, as dictated by their level of accreditation during either; Swim club activities made up predominantly of Swimming Australia Members; or Coaching for a club affiliated with a Swimming Australia State or Territory Swimming Association.

    Click here for more information 

    Coaches may also choose to purchase additional insurance from SCTA - Click Here

  • Accreditation Renewal
  • To ensure an ongoing commitment to a safe environment, Swimming Australia Coach Accreditation must be renewed every three (3) years. The Coach Reaccreditation process is completed within the Swimming Australia Membership & Events platform –  Swim Central.

    Coach Reaccreditation Process

    1. Start by downloading the Coach Reaccreditation Application and then,
    2. Follow the steps in the document Help Guide – Coach Reaccreditation.
    3. Refer to our Help Guide – Reaccreditation Points Table – Examples of Evidence. For more information on the specific evidence required for each type of professional development activity
    4. If you need assistance with uploading your documents to Swim Central, please refer to the document Help Guide – How to correctly upload a document to Swim Central.
  • Resources
  • For daily sports news nationally, sign up on the clearinghouse for sport website here.

  • State Branch Committee - Click Here

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